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Jim Milio

Award-winning Writer - Director - Producer

About Jim ...

Executive Producer - Director - Writer

Production & Project Consultant

It all started on the 20th Century Fox Studio lot.... He's worked with legends like Jim Henson, Jacques Cousteau, and Alfred Hitchcock on acclaimed documentary projects across the decades.

Jim Milio has been a writer, producer, and director of television and films for over thirty years. Jim has produced over 500 hours of content with leading network stations including ABC, CBS, the SyFy Channel, the History Channel, National Geographic, A&E, TLC, Discovery, and many more.


Among his many credits are My Big Fat Greek Wedding, which grossed over $300 million to date, the hit television series The Dog Whisperer, which aired for 9 seasons on the National Geographic Channels, grossed over $90 million and is distributed in more than 150 countries, and the CBS hit-show Rescue 911, which was successfully distributed and formatted globally.

Jim enjoys sharing his experience in the industry and teaches "The Business of Entertainment" and "Writing, Directing, and Producing Documentary Series" at UCLAx.


Some of my work as a producer, director, writer ....

jim book cover 1st edition.png

My Book:

"Jim's Hollywood Finity Stones"

How to be a Superhero in Hollywood and Succeed in the Entertainment Universe

About the book "Jim's Hollywood Finity Stones"


Every year, untold thousands of actors, writers, directors, and producers flock to Hollywood and other production centers in hopes of getting their big break.

It's a harrowing process at best, and many leave town with broken hearts and dreams.

But now, help has arrived!

It's a formidable task to try and break into movies and TV, but Jim's new book offers the keys to the Hollywood kingdom, illuminated by true tales of his encounters with Alfred Hitchcock, Jimmie Stewart, Will Ferrell, Nia Vardalos, Liza Minelli, Robert DeNiro and dozens more. While poking fun at Marvel's Infinity Stones, Jim's "Finity" stones - so-called because he can only prove that they work on earth - offer examples that illustrate his powerful themes, including....


  • The Entertainment Industry Operates on Fear

  • You Need More Than Talent (also, you can also succeed with minimal talent!)

  • Nobody Knows Anything"A worthwhile and brutally honest book about every aspect of the entertainment industry

  • How to achieve success against the odds." -Arnold Shapiro, Academy Award & 16 Time Emmy Award-Winning Producer


Welcome to the baffling conundrums of the entertainment industry...If the business needs more content now than ever, why is it even harder than ever to sell projects?

•   For every part that is cast, 10 to 100 (or more) actors don't get that very part.

•   For every film that gets produced and distributed, 100 or so never flicker across a screen.

•   For every script an executive green-lights, at least 50 get tossed into his Gucci garbage can.


Learn how to maneuver around these minefields to triumph in a business where 'no' is the operative word. "After you have read this book, you will be older or wiser." -Jim Milio

"Amazing book. Very eyeopening. Highly reccomend."

- Jennifer K.

Fantastic book. Perfect for anybody interested in getting docimentary series off the ground today."

- Jen M.

“Loved it! Loved all the do's and dont's in the industry that are mentioned in the book. Stuff no one ever tells you."

- Martin R.

I enjoy teaching...
Courses - Seminars - Workshops 


A Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Your Project Green-Light Ready, By Jim and Jeanette Milio


The Business of Entertainment, with UCLAx instructed by Jim Milio


From First $ To Profit Distribution

UCLAx Online

by Jeanette B. Milio

Produce and Direct Reality and Documentary Television_JimMIlio.jpg

Produce and Direct Reality and Documentary Television, with UCLAx, instructed by Jim Milio

finacne TV.jpg

Step-By-Step Guide To Financing Content For Television, instructed by Jeanette B. Milio

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